Friday, April 26, 2013

Exposure to the Supernatural

I told a few of my friends that I'd write a blog about the supernatural stuff that's happened to me.
I mentioned the first angel sighting in my blog entitled "Emergence of the Phoenix". I had a second awesome angel sighting last October in San Francisco. I'd like to mention a cool quote about the supernatural that I heard somewhere: "The term supernatural simply describes things that occur above our natural understanding of things".

I went on a road trip with this guy to San Francisco to work as a promotional model at a ski convention where I'd be allowed to wear my angel wings. I couldn't wear my special sneakers due to being told to wear a short black dress for the event, so I wore black flip flops. Well I'd been dealing with a foot injury since January, and my foot didn't like the flip flops and gave out on me. I was mortified that I couldn't work so I headed to go sit in the car for the remainder of the event. As I'm walking out of the event, there was a lady on a microphone and I caught the tail end of her sentence as "...There are angels flying around..."
When I got out to the car, which was far out from the entrance, I sat on the bumper to gather myself, and I spotted a guy who'd been walking nearby. He'd stopped in his tracks and was looking at me. I wasn't sure what to make of him, but something told me not to be afraid. He approached me and asked what my wings were all about. He looked Native American: he had very long black hair, jet-black eyes, and a feather in the back of his head. I explained my Angel Project to him, and he was fascinated. Guess what his name was?!
Zak Flyingaround. The lady on the microphone had just said "angels are flying around" {heck maybe she was talking about me since I was walking around the convention in my wings}. We chatted for a bit and parted ways. The next morning, I ended up just sitting at a Starbucks all day since I couldn't work the second day of the event either. Low and behold, Zak Flyingaround walks into that Starbucks I was at. We were shocked to see each other again. Synchronicity!! He ended up giving me a $15 gift card for Starbucks, which I was so grateful for since I'd be stuck there all day. We've stayed in touch on Facebook, and he's passed through Los Angeles twice since I met him. Each time he's passed through, he's given me magical gifts: one was a huge Rose Quartz crystal that is a beautiful shade of pink, and I can feel the intense vibrational frequency of the stone. It is said that Rose Quartz vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love.
This is Zak: you can see the dark feather in the back of his head!
(photo posted with his permission)
After chatting with Zak, I decided to walk down to the edge of the pier near the event center to take in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was at the edge of the pier enjoying the sun on my face and snapping pictures of all the beauty of the scene, when all of the sudden, I looked at a cloud I had just photographed and part of it had become rainbow colors! I saw a transparent figure fly away from the cloud swifty (I'm calling it an angel!). I was able to snap a photograph of the cloud before the rainbow part completely faded away, and you can see a trail left by the angel. The interesting thing is that the trail could not be seen with my naked eye, only on my camera photograph.

Another supernatural thing going on is apparently I have fairies hanging around me. Tuesday April 23rd when I showed up for one of my Meditation/Intuition classes, the instructor took one look at me and smiled huge. (She graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute and has been teaching and giving clairvoyant guidance and classes for 25 years). She asked me if I worked with fairies, and I told her no. She told me she could see a pack of fairies behind me. Then I got a reading by another gifted student that night, and she saw me as "like Tinkerbell" flying around sprinkling pixie dust of happiness and love on other people, and that I had that effect on others. I'd also been told by another gifted woman months ago that she saw fairies helping me out with things behind the scenes. So yeah, reality as I used to know it is zilch. It's like my life is a fairytale lol. The day after my instructor told me that I had a pack of fairies with me and the other girl told me I was like a Tinkerbell, I saw a woman ahead of me in line at a store with a huge Tinkerbell on her purse. Coincidence? lol
So by now you probably think I'm crazy, but hey these are truly the things that have been happening to me and showing up in my life. You don't have to believe me, but like I've said before in a previous blog, "It's easy to not believe when you haven't experienced things for yourself."

I have many more stories, but I'll leave you with one last one for now. One night I was about to go to sleep, and as I reached over to turn out my bedside lamp, I felt a gust of wind go up the back of my neck. I was like "Whoa!!" It felt like a pleasant brush of angelic presence honestly. I checked my window and it was shut. I looked around my room and was like, "Wow that was cool." Then I went to sleep. :)

~Mandelyn Reese~


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