Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting Tats!

All my life, I never thought I'd ever get a tattoo. I just felt like they were too permanent.
Then, something weird happened. Just like how the Angel Project calling hit me, suddenly I felt almost like an urgency to get tattooed, and I wanted more than one! It was surreal for me to have this sudden desire. I knew exactly what tattoos I wanted and where too, because I finally felt like I know my purpose and what I'm supposed to do.

I had tried to get them done in Texas during my last visit, but it never worked out even though I tried visiting several tattoo shops and being in contact with two independent artists. I returned to LA a little dismayed that I wasn't able to get a tattoo when I wanted one so bad.

I suddenly came into contact with a tattoo artist who, just like me, lives in both Texas and LA. I thought that was ironic.{His name is Henry Hollywood on Facebook}. When I reviewed his Facebook page of his work, it felt symbolic and I liked his work too, especially this one colorful peacock tat he'd done. We got into contact and tried several times to coordinate, but we were both so busy it was tough.

Then Monday 7/22/13, I felt too tired to go to another event, and needed a day to myself, so after I got groceries, I let the tattoo artist know I was available and he came over with his wife and tatted me up!

It was a cool experience. Glad I got to have the experience of getting tatted in this lifetime when I never thought I'd do it!

Why did I choose my wrists for the tattoos? Because I wanted people to see these images openly. 
I have been out on the tough streets of LA dressed like an angel with my posters sacrificing myself and my time on a busted foot for over a year for this cause.
Here's my video about my CALLING: 


I have a dove with an olive branch on my right wrist. Throughout history, a white dove has been used as an international symbol of peace. The dove with the olive branch is emblematic of peace, innocence, virtue, and hope. I got it because I am a messenger of peace out and about doing this Angel Project.

The lamb is on my left wrist. I got this image because of all the sacrifice I've been doing, and will continue to do, in an attempt to make this world a better place and wake more people up to the more important things in life. I have also been thrown like a lamb to the wolves several times in my life and just had to get through the chaos. And lastly, because in so many ways I have been innocent and naive like the lamb symbolizes.
Symbolism of the lamb: The lamb is a symbol of gentleness of character, and patience under suffering. It signifies purity, meekness, and sacrifice. The lamb is also a symbol of Christ. It is an emblem of faith. The holy lamb was granted to a brave, resolute spirit, who would even undertake war in Christ's cause.

Traced images on my wrists

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel