Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Magical Walk

This is a story about more supernatural stuff that's happened to me. :)
On 4/21/13, I went to hang out at a house where 2 of my good guy friends live. We were just chilling and talking. What's cool about these 2 guys (I'll call them JC & CB) is we could talk about really high spiritual concepts that we can't readily talk about with many other people.

At one point, JC handed me a deck of cards called "Messages from your animal spirit guides" and told me to pick a card. I had never seen that kind of deck before and was intrigued.
The Deck

When I drew my card, JC looked shocked. He said he'd never seen the card I'd drawn before. He examined it, then asked his roommate CB if he'd ever seen the card before, and CB said no. JC continued to look amazed, and he told me that both he and CB had been using the deck almost daily for a few months and never had seen the card before. The card I drew was the "Kiwi", which ordered me to do a walking meditation.
I figured since it seemed like a big deal that I drew that card, I had better take heed of the advice, so I planned to do a walking-meditation.

Two days later on 4/23/13, I went to a park. It was mainly a sports park: it had a baseball field and a soccer area. There wasn't much privacy, but I figured it was the best I could do in the area I was at. Instead of doing my walking meditation through the park itself where people where noisily playing games, I decided to walk down a dirt path that was in front of the park. I put my purse in the trunk so I wouldn't have to be lugging it along with me, and I set out on my trek.

As I strolled slowly along the dirt path, I came upon a dirty, abandoned glove. Upon finding it, I realized it was in the position of the sign language for "I Love You". I wanted to take a photo of the glove, but I had left my purse in the trunk of my car which contained my cell phone that I usually take photos with. I turned around and walked back to my car to retrieve my cell phone.

On my way back on the path with the intention to take a photo of the glove, I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks...There on the ground in front of me was a rock that was in the perfect shape of a heart!! I'd never seen a rock so well shaped like that. I snapped a photo of it using Instagram.

After I took the photo of the rock, I walked just like 2 steps forward while fumbling with the Instagram features to post the photo. Then I stopped and realized that I wanted to keep the rock. I turned around to grab the rock off the ground, but it wasn't there! I bent over and started looking around for the rock. No luck. I re-traced my steps and the pathway FIVE TIMES and the rock was no-where to be found. I decided it must have been a little mystery gift from the universe to show me the heart rock and let me get a photo of it, but it wasn't meant to be kept. 

After I gave up my search for the heart rock, I went back to the glove, drew the word "Love" above the glove with a twig, and snapped the Instagram picture below:
<---This gesture means "I Love you" in Sign Language

Four days later I became inspired to meditate on the topic of love, and wrote this journal entry below on 4/29/13:

I thought this story about the Kiwi card, glove, and rock was pretty magical, so I wanted to share the story with you. ;) Keep an eye out for signs from the universe! Signs are all around. They could be on someone's t-shirt, or a license plate. Life is mysterious. <3

Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

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