Sunday, November 17, 2013

Questions to Ponder

It feels like everything is a test. What do you do and choose in those pivotal epic moments in life?
Do you act? Do you lie? How will you respond in a crisis situation? Will you do the "right" thing? Will you fall for the temptation? Do you choose career over love? Can you be patient? How much pain can you tolerate?

It only gets more challenging as each veil is lifted, layer after layer. The tests get tougher to bear, over and over again until you get the lesson.

What is the truth? Really the only thing you can really trust is your own personal experience. Can you ever really trust others? You can be presented with so many different beliefs, ideas, and do you decide what you ultimately end up believing? Is it because you were raised with certain beliefs that make you think they're true? Is it because people you love or respect gave you the information? How can you ever really believe what you see and hear in the media, books, and from other people? Do you just have to "walk blindly" and go with what "feels" or "sounds" right? But if thoughts create feelings, how can you even trust your gut then? Sometimes it seems like feelings create thoughts. Or is your gut just responding to subconscious thoughts? Do thoughts and feelings work interchangeably then, creating each other sporadically? Where do thoughts and ideas come from?

You know how when people have a heart attack, the emergency services workers put paddles on the person's chest and zap them with a violent volt of electricity to bring their heart back to life? With that in mind, where does the shock of electricity come from that activates the heart of a fetus?

Can we even fathom the scope of how much our pasts affect our present? Including past lives that most people aren't even aware of and that no one can recall all the moments of? We can't even recall every detail of everyday in our present lifetime. We remember the most epic moments that were special or wrenching to us.

It's so easy to backpedal when things get tough. It's so easy to give into temptation.

Why is lying so easy for some people and hard for others? Why is lying sometimes so easy at certain times compared to others? If one of the commandments is "thou shalt not lie", should you still tell the truth when you're faced with a life-or-death situation? Such as my story about "Bravery and Mace"? Is it okay to lie to save yourself from harm or an attacker? How come the truth can feel and be so gut-wrenching to tell others? How do you know which is the right choice when telling the truth can cause your family to turn against you, people to want to harm you, and people to talk harshly about you? How much of the truth is right or appropriate to tell? Why should or why are we required to tell the truth to our court systems when they are determined to condemn us and take away what little freedom we have left?

Freedom is an illusion. We're all in chains, just not all of us are behind bars.

~Mandelyn Reese

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