Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Anonymous Benefactor

For those of you who don't know, I haven't made or posted any new videos in a long time because my camera that I used to make videos has gotten too busted to work well with. I'd have to tape it together to make it turn on, and even then, it would shut itself off without warning in the middle of me filming my videos. It was frustrating.

I did try to go buy a new camera once at Best Buy. I went in the store and hung around the camera section, waiting for someone to help me. I would see workers, but they were busy with other people or ignored me, so eventually I just left. I figured it was a sign to wait and not buy one yet.

Also, when I moved to Los Angeles in June 2012, my laptop screen somehow got damaged in like 5 places, and those damaged spots have gotten progressively worse over time.

When I had my Halloween/Birthday/Charity event on October 27th, and tried for the first time to raise donations for my angel project, I caught criticism for trying to raise money, so I gave up on that aspect and instead just asked guests to bring blankets and canned goods for the homeless.

Yesterday, a miracle happened to me. A long-time friend of one of my family members contacted me on Facebook and told me to meet him at Best Buy, because he wanted to sponsor a new camera for my angel project. He told me that he really believed in what I was doing, loved my videos, and wanted to help. I was shocked! This is a guy that I barely know myself and have only briefly met I think twice in person.

When I met him at Best Buy, I got to pick out a great camera, and he ended up getting me a good size memory card, car charger, case, and rechargeable battery for it too! As we were walking back towards the front of the store, he turned to me suddenly and said, "Let's go look at the laptops." My legs almost went out from under me. I think my jaw dropped open and I felt near faint. Was this really happening to me?? I felt like no amount of thank-yous could suffice. He ended up getting me a top of the line laptop, a wireless mouse, and the Microsoft Office Suite.

I had someone just walk into my life, and drop $1,400 on supplies for me, because they believe in my Angel Project and wanted to support me. When I got home, I just started crying. They were tears of gratitude. I thanked God, the Angels, and the Universe out loud for the major blessing. I was in shock from it all. The Universe supplied my needs to keep me going, and it was sudden, unexpected, and simply a miracle.

He wishes to remain anonymous, and told me it was an honor to help. Even street angels need other earth angels to keep going sometimes!

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

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  1. The Universe is responding to your kind heart!! <3 KEEP GOING ANGEL!! There will be more down times, but just keep on shining!