Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Synchronicity with cats

The universe has a way of being so incredibly mysterious, and does answer your prayers and wishes in its own way. The only thing is, sometimes it may take a lot of time to come about.

Case in point: Back in 2003, I went to PetsMart to look at all the animals. I would just randomly go there sometimes to be around the animals because I liked doing that. I really wanted a cat, but wasn't allowed to have one because I was living with my Dad and Step-mom at the time, and they'd made me get rid of my cat because my Step-mom was pregnant. I had to take my orange kitty, Oliver, to an adoption shelter to have him re-homed. It was sad, because I'd raised him since he was a kitten. While I was at PetsMart that day, I was looking at the cats, and noticed a pair of cats sharing 1 cage. One cat had a white head and grey body, and the other cat was a huge fluffy furball, striped brown with green eyes. The fluffy cat looked like the most loving, sweet cat I'd ever seen. She was purring loudly, rubbing her face all over the cage, and then she flipped over on her back and was pawing in the air while still purring loudly at me. I looked longingly at the fluffy cat, and wished so much that I could buy her. While I was standing there, another family saw her, and right in front of me they decided to adopt both of the cats because they came as a pair apparently.

Fast forward to December 2013, I was moving into my new place with roommates, and was surprised to find out there were 4 cats and 2 dogs in the residence that I wasn't told about. However, upon closer inspection of the cats, I realized that two of the cats were the ones I saw from that trip to Petsmart back in 2003! I was in total shock. That is a major synchronicity. The fluffy cat's name is Baby, and the white/grey cat is Molly. The universe conspired and gave me my wish to be with the fluffy sweet cat, but I didn't get the wish until like 10 years later!!! What are the odds?!

Video of purring kitty!
~Mandelyn Reese

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