Saturday, April 5, 2014

Angels are behind the scenes!!

I hope that this blog will serve to show you some supernatural things are possible, and the unexplainable does happen!

I mentioned two angels (or spiritual entity) sightings in my blogs since starting my Angel Project. You can read about them here: Angel #1 and the Phoenix cloud & Angel #2

Regardless of what YOU believe, these have been my sightings and experiences. So it's okay if you don't believe me if you haven't experienced it for yourself. The following are a few more of my supernatural stories:
(July or early August 2012) Before I officially started my Angel Project and was in my preparation phase, I was putting together my "Life Purpose Board" (you can view it here: Video) and I was hunting all around my apartment for a certain pair of purple scissors that I needed to cut the pictures with. I couldn't seem to find the scissors- I always kept them in a certain place on a little bedside table in a cup, but they weren't there. I went into the bathroom to search there briefly, and when I came back out of the bathroom, the purple scissors mysteriously had appeared back in the cup on my bedside table!! I remember staring at them in disbelief because I KNEW they weren't there a minute earlier before I walked into the bathroom. I thanked the angel or ghost who put them back there for me!
(August 17th 2012) During the very first week that I started my Angel Project in Los Angeles, CA, I was at a grocery store one day. I had my small set of wings in the trunk of my car with a poster taped to the back of my wings with the clear Scotch tape brand. I had just gotten an empty grocery cart, and pulled up into the chilled beverage section near the front door. As I was looking over all of the drinks and trying to figure out which flavor that I wanted, I had my back to my empty grocery cart briefly. After I selected a drink, when I turned back around to put it into my cart, I was startled to see a roll of thicker white tape sitting in my cart. I looked around and no one was near me. I hadn't heard anyone drop anything into my cart. The tape just had magically appeared! I decided that I had better buy the tape, because that sort of thing doesn't happen every day!! And guess what! Later that day when I put on my angel wings to go out on the streets with my poster, the message that had been taped to the back of my wings fell off because the Scotch tape wasn't strong enough! It was a miracle. I had bought the stronger tape that magically appeared in my cart so I was able to fix the poster better to my wings! I thanked the Angels for putting the tape in my cart.
This just happened today 4/4/14 I have been doing a gratitude daily ritual program that is awesome. You write down 10 things each day that you're grateful for, and also hold a dollar with a note stuck on it that says, "I am grateful for all of the money I've received in life." The daily gratitude helps strengthen positive vibes and the Law of Attraction and magically works to bring more abundance into your life. You have to give in order to receive. You have to give thanks (gratitude) and be thankful for things you already have in order to receive more. I got in bed and gathered all my items to prepare for my gratitude rituals but I could't find the $20 bill I wrote the note on, so I wasn't going to hold it, just say the thanks. As I was going through all of my 10 things I was grateful for, once I got to the money part, I looked over and the $20 bill with the orange sticky note had magically appeared right next to me. I had searched all over my bed and gathered all my stuff from my bedside table, but couldn't find the $20, then it magically just appeared! I thanked the angels for finding it for me!
And saving my best story for last....
Just recently I had been putting a lot of my own money out into the world to help others in random ways, predominantly tipping waiters way more than normal percentages, because I KNOW how hard servers work and how hard it is to make a living waiting tables these days. These greedy food restaurants make their workers PAY to work by having to "tip-out" the bartenders and bussers. It's ridiculous and getting worse.
One day, I randomly thought to myself just jokingly, that it would be cool to find a $100 bill on the ground to make up for all the money I had been giving out to others. It was just a random thought!! Then the VERY NEXT DAY I went to a big place wearing my wings, and low and behold I looked down on the ground near my feet at one point, and there was a $100 bill laying there! I scooped it up in shock and just had to stare at it for a a few moments. No one else was around the immediate area, so it'd be impossible to know who'd dropped it there. I decided it must have been a gift to me from the universe! It was definitely a cool little miracle I will never forget and always be thankful for!

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

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