Friday, July 11, 2014

Deep thoughts

Paint your own picture
Be what you want to be
Do what you want to do
It's only you that allows others to hold you back and sometimes make choices for you

Everything is temporary, everything changes
Change is inevitable
You have to die to be reborn
Death is a part of life
Death gets people's attention

There are angels, I've seen them
There are ghosts, they've done things around me to have their presence known
It must be interesting to live on another frequency or dimension
Everything is energy

Time is infinite
Space is infinite
Numbers are infinite
Possibilities are infinite
Creating and creation are infinite and always evolving
There are infinite choices you can make and infinite directions you can choose to go at any given moment
This moment, the present, is special, because you never know what moment could be your last
Everything can be more beautiful if you look at life this way

You can choose your emotion in each moment
Try to monitor your thoughts, they are shaping your experience
An interesting analogy I used recently to describe to someone the way I am now based on my past experiences have molded and changed me are like when you carve and polish a stone or sculpture. Once you shape or chip away at the stone, it's possibly never going to be the same again. The original stone was morphed and changed into something else.
Don't put energy into worry and fears.
Put energy into loving others, giving affection, caressing, hugging, giving, showing patience, self-control, resisting anger.

Tango-ing with the ego is a part of this life. The ego is there, it just is.
What is the ego. The part of someone who feels separate, individual, wants to feel special (is special), has an identity, a name, and a face.

Pain is a part of the journey. Pain can be a way you meet someone significant, like a romantic partner, a friend, a mentor, a healer, opportunity provider, or door-opener.

If something gives you pain and discomfort, don't do it, avoid it, or if you choose it willingly= accept the consequences whatever they may be.
Even pleasures can have painful results.

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

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