Saturday, January 30, 2016

Someone Who Changes You

Have you ever heard that saying, "Find or be with someone who doesn't try to change you"? Well I call BS. Relationships change us. We and everything else are in constant change. Hardly anything stays the same for long. Even two people married for an entire lifetime see their bodies and lives change constantly around them. Love is what holds people together. But even love, especially romantic love, shapeshifts and changes form in relationships. Ever known two people who looked so happy and doing well only to end up getting a divorce? Ever know people who looked happy together for years then suddenly hate each other?

Romantic love changes us. Whether the person openly tries to change the other person or it's done subtly, sometimes changes happen very gradually over time. A person can change so much from a romantic relationship, that by time they're deep into one, they're nothing like the person they once were before.

Romantic love can make us better people too. It all depends on the two people and the nature of the progression of the relationship. Each relationship is a completely unique encounter, because each of us are individual souls and a unique entity.

People try to cling onto and hold onto someone, because they fear the changes or losing them. In the end, all relationships "end" at some point, because inevitable literal death occurs. Even people married once and staying with their one same mate for their entire lifetime in this embodiment: one and then the other will eventually die.

If you watch the movie "Lucy", they state "We never really die". So what is death? Just another change/transition? It's also said in the movie that if you speed up something infinitely fast, it's time, time that defines us. A time we hold for awhile in some sort of space. I can go on and on and seemingly make no sense of life and the mysteries of the universe. I wish my mind could understand even more. Maybe the more wisdom that comes, the more life becomes easier to navigate, and make more sense.

Are we just meant to have endless amount of relationships and experiences with our consciousness and awareness? Are we just souls flitting around like butterflies, getting to grace each other's lives for a time, then move along to whatever the future is?

You can feel abundantly sad over romantic love changing or fading, or you can just get stronger and adapt better, and accept times of release, change, and transition. I'm not sure there is any avoiding it for long. You can feel abundantly sad over the fact that people grow old, people die, relationships end, people get sick.....or you can just learn to appreciate each day. Be grateful for whatever you have, when you have it. And when it leaves your hands, be grateful you had it, had the experience, had the love...and be open to whatever is coming next.

~Mandelyn Reese

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